Our approach – total restoration

For each restoration project our employees follow a clear-cut process.

Exploratory conversation

During an exploratory conversation we listen to your wishes, and we want to hear what the current state of the classic car is at the moment. On the base of this discussion we examin how we can bring the car to our workshop in Tienen to make an offer.

Indicative offre

At this stage, we look at your car with a critical eye. You can bring the old-timer itself, but if the car doesn’t drive anymore we can also come and collect the vehicle.

After evaluating your classic car, we present you a diagnosis including your wishes and what we think is needed. Based on this diagnosis and with the experience of similar projects, we prepare an indicative offer. However, it is not possible to make an exact offer because every car is different and surprises are difficult to avoid. Yet we assure you that you always have a good overview of the work and the associated cost.

Restoration contract

If you agree with this proposal we make a restoration contract. Based on the necessary work to be done, a deposit will be asked so both parties can keep the budget under control.

Monitoring of the work

During the restauration we take pictures. These pictures you will receive at the end of the project on CD, so you can exactly see what happened and how we worked. With long-term projects, you will receive a login so you can view the new pictures online. In addition, during the work follow-up invoices will be made, so you as customer get an overview of the status of the restoration. If it’s necessary we can stop working on your car for a period of time.

Daarnaast worden tijdens de werken tussentijdse facturen opgesteld, waarij u als klant een overzicht krijgt van de stand van zaken van het project. Het is mogelijk om tijdens de restauratie de werken stil te leggen voor een bepaalde tijd, deze mogelijkheid wordt vervat in de restauratie-overeenkomst.

Unforeseen problems

In case of problems we will contact you right away to search for a solution together. If additional work needs to be done, these will be included in the original restoration contract.