Conversion of a Citroën HY

The Citroën HY is very sought-after: the van is nowadays often used as promotional car and/or foodtruck. To popularity, therefore, no shortage.

The Citroën HY is very suitable for converting to a vehicle that will provide your company or activity the necessary attention. Whether the car is just serving as a signboard for your business, or as a mobile point of sale for events for example, everything is possible thanks to the solid contruction that Citroën provided at that time.

CQS has several HY’s available, which we can restore and convert to your needs. We made for example a beautiful cava bar, fully equipped with fridges and a counter. But also a tap, or baking plate can be provided. For this installation and construction we work with specialized partners to ensure a proper installation.

In addition, we also take care of the mechanical aspect of course: engine and gear revision, brake system and suchlike are also not a problem.

Are you interested in such a project, and would you like more information? Do not hesitate to contact us!