Chassis change

Chassis change for 2CV, Mehari and Dyane with original chassis and certificate to implement chassisnumbers.

In Belgium, there is strict legislation regarding work on the chassis.

When a chassis is rusty or even has holes, this can have negative consequences for the technical inspection (MOT). Filling in holes is often not an option because the chassis may exhibit severe weakening due to the rust. As a result the chassis may fold or even break. If the car has failed its inspection because of the condition of the chassis, then we are able to give a professional judgement about its state and to replace it if necessary or desirable.

The law about chassis numbers is not as straightforward in Belgium as it is in neighbouring countries. If the chassis number is not correct or is incomplete, you can get a negative technical insepction or even be forbidden to drive the car on the road!

CQS has been authorised by Citroën and the ministry of transport to put in chassis numbers on the new chassis, if it is purchased from us. This means that you can come to us to buy a new chassis.

We then put in the chassis number into the new chassis based on your car documents and issue you with a certificate. This certificate then has to remain with your car documents.

Contact us to make an appointment for a chassis change for a 2CV, Mehari or Dyane.