Maintenance & repairs 

A classic car is more than just a car. It is a unique piece that deserves special attention and care. For maintenance, repairs and restoration of an older Citroën, you can no longer go to a ‘regular’ dealer, you need an expert. Our specialization lies in classic Citroën: Traction Avant, ID-DS, CX, SM, GS(A), XM, HY, 2CV, Mehari… .

At CQS we have specialized and experienced professionals with a passion for classic Citroën. We don’t only have the expertise but also the right tools and knowledge about the parts to carry out every maintenance and restauration successfully. We can also prepare classic cars for technical inspection and/ or go to technical inspection for you.

Standard, wed check a number of components on your car (level fluids, state breaks, tires, suspension, stearing, lights, startcircuit, engine, gears..).

Depending on the number of kilometers driven and the time since the previous service, the parts listed above will be replaced if necessary. Of course this is always done in consultation with the customer.

Please contact us to make an appointment if your car needs a maintenance.