Body restoration for all classic cars

As classic car enthusiasts our customers do not only drive with Citroëns, but also with other brands of classic cars. Because of our expertise in body work, we were frequently asked for doing body work or paint jobs on other brands than Citroën. Since we have this experience in house, from now on all brands of classic cars are welcome in our body shop.

To protect a classic car against the ravages of time, a rust free body is crucial. And to get such a unique car to its full extent, the value of a beautiful paint job is not to be overestimated.

At CQS you are welcome for all body work, welding preparation, paint jobs,… Our body shop in Tienen is equipped with a large spray booth where even a Citroën HY fits in. In this body shop, Three experienced employees work with a great passion for classic cars. They always follow a clear process and always strive for the best possible result, as shown in these examples.

Can we help you with the body work on your classic car ? Don’t hesitate to contact us!