Our vision

In the spirit of André Citroën

Our biggest inspiration is André Citroën, the father of the iconic car brand.

He lived in the early 20th century and had revolutionary ideas.

André Citroën developed not only beautiful machines and cars, but also took care of his staff. At his factory, there was a nursery and he developed as one of the first business a kind of hospitalization insurance.

At CQS we want to combine the same respect for people and technology. We want to build a thriving business together, but also unite people.

CQS remains literally close to the spirit of Citroën. In our workshop in Aulnay-Sous-Bois (near the big Citroën factory) our team is responsible for the revision and maintenance of classic cars from the Conservatoire Citoën, following the philosophy of André Citroën.