Our strenghts

Our customers know why they choose CQS.

A passionated team

At CQS your car is in the hands of a 20 person team that can rely on years of experience. Our professionals are passionate about classic cars and this is a benefit for you as a customer.

Thorough knowledge and focus on professionalism

Each vehicle is different. Over the years we have built up a great knowledge about how a particular model is best restored.

The right material and the right technology

Besides the necessary knowledge, CQS has the right tools and the necessary components to successfully restore classic cars. When possible, we always work with the original pieces.

Clear advice

You’re welcome at CQS with both total restorations and with budget friendly restorations. In any case, we advise you on the necessary work and we will inform you about future options for your classic car. So you always know what your options are. Also, when purchasing a “new” old-timer we support you with our knowledge.